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Scaring the living hell out of people since 2017

Dark Side Media Group

Horror Media Productions is Spokane Washington's premiere Horror Production Company. 

Centrally located in Spokane County Washington we serve the surrounding cities of Spokane Valley, Millwood, Mead, Chattaroy, and Deer Park. 

Horror Media Productions was established in 2017.

Our singular Mission is to provide the best horror entertainment in Spokane one Haunt, Zombie Rave, or Ghoul Party at a time. 

Each year we create a new Featured Haunt more wicked and disturbing than the last. You will see, smell and experience things that will numb your mind and empty your soul. Gore, guts, crushed skulls, oozing brains, blood curdling screams and the stench of rotting corpses...we hope what you see, hear and smell haunts you for eternity, especially in the silent hours of the night.

We are happy to deliver a scary monster at any occasion that needs a little excitement. Do  you have a Halloween wedding that needs freddy, jason or a few good scary clowns? If so, we have you covered. 

We can even have a small zombie horde chase you from your reception. monster grams are available as well in Spokane county. 

Terrify or excite your friends with some favorite horror characters delivering a personal message from you. 

If you have an event such as concerts or a rave and you would like some characters we are happy to accommodate. 

Don't forget to check out our featured haunt of the year. 

If you need a monster, we will try our best to make your vision come into reality.

Sick Services

scare the living daylight out of a friend or coworker with a monster gram.

Bring a horde of zombies to your concert, event, or Halloween wedding.

In October come walk through our haunted house that gets bigger and scarier every year

Have a business passing out candy on pumpkin lane in Deer Park? How about having some of our monsters pass it out for you. Nothing is better than getting Halloween candy from your favorite horror movie characters.


kid friendly

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Our haunted house is fun for all ages.

Children's birthday parties opportunities coming soon. 

We're in the process of creating some very fun and interactive superhero characters to put a shine on your children's faces during their special day.